Shoogle Studios has released Shoogler, a free Ableton Push compatible multi-mode filter device developed with Max for Live.


“To celebrate the launch of our new Max for Live course we’re giving away this incredible multimode filter device! This is a monster of a filter, and you can learn how to build a similar device and loads more on our beginner’s Max for Live: Introducer course over 9 weeks.”

Shoogler is a feature packed multi-filter effect designed for use in dub tunes. The device features two independent filters with five different filter types (LP, HP, NP, BP, peak filter), paired up with four standard LFO generators and one combo LFO which controls filter cutoff and resonance. The device is fully compatible with Ableton Push.

A copy of Ableton Live 9 is required in order to use this free effect. It should also work in older versions ofAbleton Live with Max for Live installed.

The download page also features a couple of nice tutorials for using a filter effect such as this one in deep house production. If you scroll all the way down the download page, you’ll find a pack with all the patches used in the tutorial.

Please note that you’ll need to follow the Shoogle Studios fan page on Facebook in order to get the download link. Log in to your account and hit the Like button on the page linked below to get your free copy of Shoogler.

Video Demo

Check out the Shoogler demo video:


Shoogler is available for free download via Shoogle Studios (28.2 kB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1 device in AMXD format for Ableton Live 9).

Source: bedroomproducersblog