Now, with the revival of the vinyl record, Spinbox arrives. A portable turntable that you can assemble in a few minutes. In the box is offered the turntable, audio and power circuitry, amplifier and speakers, all pieces that you can put together to build it, plug it in and then play your vinyl records.

spinbox 2

The record player is part of a project in Kickstarter, with a target of $ 30,000 Spinbox has already $ 150,000. After having been presented last year, with a launch of 4,000 units with another crowdfounding campaign of three months; Spinbox, has all the guarantees of a finished design that works perfectly. It is customizable, and is offered in black, marble and brown cardboard finishes (other colors to come).

spinbox 3

Spinbox, will be sold at $ 99 per unit, its developers also offer volume packages for schools or stores, and their first shipments are expected for November 2017.

Open funding will close on September 1.

Source: kickstarter

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