Spire Studio, by Izotope is a portable recorder with an iOS app, with which you can record material through the built-in microphone, by pressing a “Rec” button in the center of device.

You can also connect sound sources to your pair of XLR / TS combo jacks, including condenser microphones with phantom power, also has two headphone outputs, by which we can listen to a metronome. The volume and peak references are given through a ring of LEDs.

You can apply effects and emulations of guitar amplifier in real time or the shot made, as well as noise reduction, through free Spire app with Wi-Fi with Spire Studio. This app serves as an 8-track recorder and mixer that we can stack to build musical sketches, or profesional project with basic editing functions.

Check video below.

Adjusting the volume and panning of each track and mute, or mono or stereo projects can be easily set. Finally, the app lets you export tracks and share your projects with other friends.

Spire Studio has a 4-hour operating time, thanks to a lithium-ion battery, and internal storage capacity for 6 hours, recording at 24-bit / 48kHz.

Source: Spire Studio

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