WOK has anounced the release of STRETCHA, an extreme time stretching VST plugin for Windows which could turn out to be the final addition to the One Trick Pony series of freeware instruments and effects.

Simple time stretching plugin for extreme long sample stretching. Loads one sample and features play time from 100% to 10000%, pitch shift, manual sample ride.”

Feature-wise, this virtual instrument reminds me quite a lot of the legendary Paulstretch time stretching utility. The main difference between the two is that STRETCHA can work comfortably as a VST plugin inside your DAW (as long as you’re a Windows user), while Paulstretch is pretty much limited to being used as a standalone application with offline render. Speaking of standalone applications for extreme time stretching, another good one to try is AKAIZER in case you’ve missed it before.

STRETCHA can time stretch your audio material up to 10,000% (makes ‘this knob goes up to eleven’ sound kind of pathetic in comparison), with optional pith shifting and grain length settings. You can really push this instrument to the extreme and turn even the warmest sounding samples to metallic mayhem and record the output inside your plugin host.

To process your audio material with STRETCHA, load the instrument as a VST plugin in your DAW and load up an audio file by pressing the LOAD button. Once you’ve done that, you can set the required amount of time stretching and trigger the playback in your project by automating the PLAYBACKparameter. All other parameters can be fully automated, too.

The plugin is hosted on Facebook, but there’s no need to log in to your FB account. Simply visit the page linked below and hit the download button to get you free copy of the instrument.

Audio Demo

Check out the STRETCHA audio demo:


STRETCHA is available for free download via Facebook (2.86 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

Source: bedroomproducersblog