In the recent article we described the journey of one producer, Stuart McCredie to find a control surface solution, and we also discussed it at length in Podcast 143. In his hunt, Stuart came across the CMC range of controllers from Steinberg and asked the question “wouldn’t it be great if we had these for Pro Tools?”.

Well it looks as if his prayers might be answered. This morning, Stuart has just sent us an email with nothing more than a link. When I followed the link it took me to a page from a company called Atom Music in the Netherlands, and they are developing an application called Studio Connector which will enable the Steinberg CMC Controllers to be connected to Pro Tools. This is what they say….

The Studio Connector is a small utility that translates and routes the MIDI messages from each CMC unit to HUI emulated messages which Pro Tools recognizes. It takes care of the different slider and knob modes which are familiar when using the controllers with Cubase and Nuendo and remaps it to the available controls compatible with Pro Tools.

For feedback, all fader levels, knob values and transport states are translated to the MIDI mesages that the CMC units understand!

It is programmed in a way that each unit can controls a valuable set of functions on its own, but combined with other units they complement each other and lets you create a compact, portable control surface for Pro Tools!

You can request a demo buy emailing them. You will obviously need to have at least one of the approved CMC controllers as well the demo software. They are also asking everyone who tries the demo to report which CMC controllers and which version of Pro Tools they use.

Is anyone in a position to test these out and let us know how you get on?  It could be the missing link we have been looking for.

Source: Pro Tools