SVArTracker is an advanced music creation tool, tracker and sequencer, it’s an all-in one modular virtual studio. SVArTracker is compatible with thousands of virtual VST/VSTi plug-ins/instruments and supports the classic tracker formats like IT,XM,S3M,MOD.



  • Compatibility with thousands of virtual instruments – can load VST, VSTi, and DirectX DMO plug-ins.
  • Integrated sampler. Support for up to 15 typical tracker effects.
  • Note/channel stereo pan, stereo shift, volume tremolo, volume slide up/down,
  • frequency shift up/down, pitch set
  • Note delay, reverse, chord play, vibrato, resonance filter,
  • Note retrig (2 types), glide, panbrello
  • Sample offset (2 types), sample zone selector
  • Ability to import song modules: .IT Impulse Tracker module, .XM Fast Tracker 2 module, .S3M Scream Tracker module, .MOD Amiga ProTracker module, .MID MIDI file, and others: rmi,amf,ams,669,dbm,dmf,dsm,far,mdl, med,mt2,mtm,okt,psm,ptm,ult,umx

Starting with version 1.21, SVArTracker is absolutely free (without any functional limitations) for non-commercial use: SVArTracker is provided as freeware for private (non-commercial) or educational (including non-profit organizations) use. In these cases, you are granted the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies. We would greatly appreciate your help that could assist us in the development of the product. If you think SVAr Tracker is valuable and would like to help us make it even better, please make a donation.


Source: StudioToolz