Developer superstar Ichiro Toda has just released an updated version of his legendary Synth1 virtual analogue synthesizer. The new version of the instrument, currently available for Windows users only, features a new diode ladder low-pass filter modeled after the filter found in the Roland TB-303 hardware synthesizer.

“A new filter “LPDL” has been added in filter section. It is a low-pass filter modeled after the diode ladder mounted on TB303, etc.”

The new filter is labeled LPDL in the filter drop down list on Synth1′s user interface. The developer describes it as a darker and fatter version of the previously available LP24 low pass filter, which has been present in Synth1 since the early versions. According to Ichiro Toda, the new filter is also well optimized for use on bass sounds, since the resonance reacts well to lower frequencies.

The new version of Synth1 also introduces several other important updates and bug fixes. Some LFO synchronization issues have been fixed, along with crashing problems in certain host. Also, the cutoff of the old LP24 filter has been smoothed out.

These are definitely exciting times for Synth1 users. A 64-bit version for Windows was released a couple of weeks ago and now we’re getting a brand new model of the filter. What could be the next addition to this legendary freeware synthesizer?

Either way, it’s fantastic to see that Ichiro Toda is improving this old beast once again. Looking forward to more new features!

Video Demo

Check out the Synth1 demo video:


Synth1 is available for free download via Ichiro Toda’s website (871 kB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows).

Source: bedroomproducersblog