SynthScaper is an Apple iOS app dedicated to creation of ambient pads and experimental synth sounds. With a sound engine based on sampling, it has three oscillators, with filter chains, envelope generators, LFOs and effects, capable of editing all parameters through automation.

It is able to give flexible assignments of on-screen controllers and external MIDI keyboards with the SynthScaper oscillators, as well as support Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

Check video below.

It has an esoteric keyboard to create special effects and variations on continuous textures and drones. It can reach a maximum of 54 voices (three oscillators for three layers by six voices); – as long as you have a powerful CPU. Also; it reaches nine samples (three oscillators per three layers), all at the same time; reflecting great potential for a app instrument.

SynthScaper is now available on the Apple App Store for $ 10.99 / $ 9.99.


Recommended at least iPhone 6 / iPad Mini 4 / iPad Air 2 and higher.

Main features

● Three independent oscillators.
● Three layers with own samples in each oscillator.
● Six voices in each layer.
● Six envelope generators.
● Six low frequency oscillators.
● Separate arpeggiator for each oscillator.
● General processing of level, balance, LPF, HPF for each layer.
● Three additional slots for filters and effects after each oscillator.
● Set of different kind of filters and effect modules.
● Spatial mixer with two different sound space.
● Screen keyboard adapted for continuous drones and soundscapes.
● Predefined set of keyboard scales and custom scales.
● Full screen, double and split features for screen keyboard.
● Options of screen keyboard for pitch, continuous, modify, velocity.
● Supports for two virtual and two MIDI keyboards at the same time.
● Flexible assigning keyboards and controls to the oscillators.
● Two main effects controls can combine several parameters.
● Uploading samples thru Dropbox, Web access, clipboard.
● Auto and manual tuning of samples with frequency analyzer.
● Set of predefined and ready-to-use scenes and presets.
● Built-in library of samples of instruments, synths, noises, etc.
● Detailed application description.
● Inter-App audio compatible (with transport and BPM controls).
● Supports Audiobus with “State Saving” feature.

Source: itunes 

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