TN Audio has announced the release of Tethys 2, a free virtual analogue synthesizer for Windows loosely based on the architecture of the PAiA Proteus 1 hardware instrument.

The successor to Tethys 1 with effects that are not just bolted on but become part of the sound especially when combined with the VAM performance controls.

So, the new plugin is an improved version of the older Tethys 1 instrument by the same developer. The old version was inspired by the vintage PAiA Proteus 1 analogue synthesizer and the new version builds upon that same foundation by adding an array of effects and other sound sculpting tools. The effects include analogue style echo, chorus, and a phaser module.

The result is an interesting virtual instrument for Windows, especially if you’re looking a synthesizer which responds well to expressive playing. Tethys 2 uses the so called Variable Attenuation Matrix (VAM) technology in order to let user control the instrument’s timbre during a performance.

Basically, the knobs labeled VAM control the amount of attenuation for each parameter, whereas Vstands for velocity, A stands for aftertouch, and M stands for modulation wheel. So, if you set the value of the V parameter to 50% in the Volume section of the interface, that’s how much the velocity of pressed notes will influence the volume on the output.

The same developer has released several other interesting freebies in the past, all of which are available for free download on the product page linked below. Most of the plugins are inspired by old hardware, and they are all completely free to download and use.

Video Demo

Check out the Tethys 2 demo video:


Tethys 2 is available for free download via TN Audio (3.51 MB download  size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows).

Source: bedroomproducersblog