A few years ago, a new sub-genre bubbled up from the innovative depths of house music. Dubbed by many in the scene as G-House, or “gangsta house,” it’s an umbrella term characterized by the layering of rap/hip-hop hooks or vocal samples over a bassline and groove. (Think tech house with a laidback gangsta-lean.) These rhythms were first associated with the genre back in the summer of 2012, much in part to the French duo Amine Edge & DANCE’s release of “Going to Heaven with the Goodie-Goodies,” which looped a Notorious B.I.G. vocal sample from the ’90s. Even prior to “Goodie-Goodies,” a slew of other artists like Sharam Jey and Soul Clap also churned out tracks, but with funkier, less bass-driven rhythms and with more emphasis on the melodies. Producers like LA-based Destructo (aka Hard Events CEO and founder Gary Richards, shown above) and Sirus Hood, on the other hand, showcase more of a “West Coast” vibe in their dance repertoire. A number of record labels have been serving up some delectable treats including CUFF, Amine Edge & Dance’s label, that’s one of the more widely recognized labels in the G scene, but other labels like Sleazy G and Bunny Tiger have yielded stellar productions as well, with Bunny Tiger featuring a more melodic side of G-House along with disco.  Read the whole piece writen by Beatport‘s Airee Kim here.

Source: Beatport