UVX80, is a new virtual synthesizer on VST, AAX, Audio Units, Stand-alone format for PC and MAC, created from the Akai AX80. UVX80 is based entirely on this polyphonic synth, offering two digitally controlled oscillators, with up to 8 voices operation and basic envelope controls like ADSR parameters and multimode filter with dedicated controls and envelope modulation option.

According to their developers, they chose this synth because its particular warm sound compared to other synths of the time like Roland, also bearers of a particular sound of 80s, very futuristic, at its moment quite new for what sounded in analog synths.


The UVI team sought to faithfully capture the analog sound of the original synth, achieving more than 250 patches with modern controls that are not offered in the hardware synth. It is worth noting that it is not analog modeling synth, this is a sample-based synth and articulated under the UVI sampling engine, bringing together almost 4GB of 6,771 samples.

UVX80 is available right now for UVI Workstation platform at a price of $ 79.

Source: pluginboutique

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