Kurt M. Landre has released Van Houzen Trumpet, a free trumpet instrument library for Kontakt 5based on The University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples orchestral sound collection.

Been messing around some more with Big Bob’s WIPS (did I mention how truly spectacular WIPS is?). The latest result is the “Van Houzen Trumpet”. The samples are from the ol’ reliable U of I sample database.

The interface is based on a set of NI Kontakt scripts built specifically for use with wind instrument sample libraries. These scripts called WIPS are available for download via Big Bob’s Music World and the idea behind them is to provide realistic playback for virtual wind instruments.

Kurt M. Landre has built a virtual Kontakt instrument library based on these free scripts, pairing them up with trumpet samples from the MIS samples collection by The University of Iowa. The result is a good sounding virtual trumpet, as you can hear in the demo track which is embedded below. The download pack contains four different versions of the Kontakt instrument, using different CC messages for controlling the available modulation sources.

The instrument features 107 audio samples in total, with 3 velocity layers per note. If you don’t use NI Kontakt, you can always try mapping the included WAV samples in your own sampler of choice. If you’re looking for one, check out our list of free sampler instruments. My personal favorite is still the amazingShortcircuit 1 sampler.

Another good example of using MIS samples to creative impressive virtual instruments is the Sonatina Symphonica Orchestra, which is probably the finest free orchestral instrument library currently available. It was originally released as a SFZ library, however bigcat Instruments has recently started working on aKontakt version of this great free symphonic orchestra collection. You can check out the current version of their Kontakt pack here.

Audio Demo

Check out the Van Houzen Trumpet audio demo:


Van Houzen Trumpet is available for free download via SoundCloud (43 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 4 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt, 107 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

Source: BPB