Walstep - Existence EP - Optikal Dubs

The Venezuelan producer Walstep presents our ODD05, a work titled “Existence EP” with two great multi tempo tracks.

The first track “Existence” is full of sub bass pressure and soulful vibes bringing on an intense journey through a particular sound that combines elements from jazz, garage, footwork and dubstep stamp.

“What Goes On” has a darker vibe, low-end bass style, classic 808’s pulsating beats and a whiplash sounding snare that predominates until the whole arrangement morphs into deep house.

“Existence EP” will blow your senses into new and unexpected areas.

You can get it on Mp3 192kbps / 320kbps / Wav Format in the following stores:

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 Listen it below.

Free Download Version (Mp3 128kbps) available here:


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