vinyl_050914 Discussing the subject with accomplished mastering engineers Rashard Becker (who has also released his own music via PAN), Andreas “Lupo” Lubich, and Noel Summerville, a new mini documentary from the The Vinyl Factory dives into the current state of mastering tracks for wax. With a client list between them that includes Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Theo Parrish, Maxmilion Dunbar, Nicolas Jaar, and Laurel Halo—to name a few—Becker, Lubich, and Summerville provide a good deal of useful insight into the world of mastering for vinyl. Though just over six minutes in length, Sculpting Sound: The Art of Vinyl Masteringdoes more than merely skim the surface of the somewhat mysterious, but essential process. Taking trips to talk with each mastering engineer in their own studio, the mini-doc is a quick but informative look into the art of cutting tracks onto vinyl, and more specifically, how the methods have changed and evolved in recent years.Sculpting Sound can be

watched in full below.

Source:  xlr8r