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ADAM Audio celebrates its 7th anniversary of the launch of its award-winning ADAM A7X studio monitor. Now, you can win a pair with a photo contest, and other challenges.

The A7X have been acclaimed by critics, musicians and engineers, being the most popular product from this company and an industry standard around the world.

Just take a photo of a location that you consider excellent to install a pair of A7X, then share it online. The author of the most voted photo will receive the first prize of the competition: a pair of ADAM Audio A7X limited edition with cherry finish! The second and third place finishers will have two additional pairs of A7X, in gloss black and standard matte finish tonality, respectively.


The competition starts on May 1st 2017, 0:00 am CET and ends on May 31st 2017, 12:00 pm CET. The winners will be announced on June 15th 2017 on


Adam Audio want to know where you think the all-time ultimate location to install a pair of our A7X monitors would be…

  • Find or create a photo of your dream install location, download a pic of the A7X, and put the two together in any way you can. If digital manipulation isn’t your forte, we will also happily accept drawings, sketches or any other creative ways you can come up with to show us your idea…
  • Upload your photo, drawing or whatever you’ve come up with to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you don’t have an account, create one specially — they’re all free and easy to set up!
  • The description of your post must include the hashtags #ADAMAudio and #A7X
  • Complete a simple form below to enter the competition. NOTE: you haven’t officially entered the competition UNTIL you’ve completed and sent us the form!

Enter to Competition Form here.

Source: adam-audio

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